Sleepwalking: the Car Plate Game

PLAY electronically reconstructs one of the maths games that Emilia Telese would play with her father during long car journeys. They would look at car registration plates and scramble their numbers to get a score of 0 or 1.

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You must use all the digits of the car plate, in any order.
For example: H956BHL 5+6=11 1-1=0 9×0=0

You can use any mathematical operation to achieve the result.
For example: FR114GT ÷4=2 1+1=2 2-2=0

You can use the numbers deriving from mathematic operations from 2 or more of the numbers to achieve your goal.
For example: ABC146GH 1+4= 5 then take 5 and do 6-5= 1

If you need to, you can split the number deriving from the first operation and use the individual digits.
For example Y567AGN 6×5=30 3+0+7=10 1-0=1

You can take the numbers in any order and do any mathematical operation to achieve the result.
But you have to take the numbers one by one in the first flush of operations.
For example: R961HLS you can’t consider this car as having 96 and 61 in it, but 9, 6 and 1. then, of course, you can get 2 digit numbers from the single digits,
For example 9×6=54 5-4=1 1×1=1

You can’t use numbers again if you’ve already used them once.
For example: ABC 3585 5+5=10 8+3=11 11-10=1 (you can use 10 and 11 but you cannot use the original four numbers again)

to play the game click here

Thanks to Gabor Papp for game development & software.

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