Life Begins at Land’s End

Life Begins at Land’s End is a performance exploring issues of fertility, birth and life rituals, by Emilia Telese, for Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Rebirth Day programme of events which started on 21 December 2012. Pregnant women walking on Cornwall’s Land’s End to form a Third Paradise symbol by joining together, to celebrate a new beginning inContinue reading “Life Begins at Land’s End”

Dark Symphony

A rare and unique opportunity to hear four Koan music engines in “the ecstasy of communication.” – Jean Baudrillard Music engine 1 representing Noise Music engine 2 representing Voice Music engine 3 representing Rhythm Music engine 4 representing Tonality 4×12 HOUR PERFORMANCES Transmitted via 4 towers at the “Klangpark”, an open-air acoustic projection space in Linz.Continue reading “Dark Symphony”


THE SLEEPWALKING CATALOGUE (PAPERBACK, 25 PAGES, HIGH-QUALITY PAPER) IS AVAILABLE FROM EMILIA TELESE FOR £3.00 + P&P Sleepwalking is a live, video and sound installation that explores issues of sensory, physical and reflected memory through intimate research of transposed experience. The exhibition comprises of number of elements including performance, video installation and digital sculpture. Sleepwalking recovers andContinue reading “Sleepwalking”