Paranoia Series

PARANOIA was a group exhibition about the proximity of art and life against the backdrop of contemporary politics exploring issues of distrust, suspicion, delusion, fear and terror. PARANOIA presented works of international artists exploring the essence of paranoia as one’s deluded interpretation of events, not the perception of the events themselves. Curated by Predrag Pajdic.Continue reading “Paranoia Series”


In a white space set in the evocative environments of a church, white garments are scattered casually on the floor, together with other objects, reminders of the past and present, different textures, different cultures: underwear, feathers, lace, flowers, pearls, shredded clothes, posture-correcting straps. A path of candles leads to the space where Emilia Telese engagesContinue reading “Gesture”


TRANSMIT IN RUSSIA First performed at The 3rd Festival of Experimental and Performance Art in St Petersbourg, Russia. TRANSMIT IN GERMANY Also featured at the CYNETart 2001 International Festival for Computer Assisted Art in Dresden, Germany. Artistic intervention in sensory experience; human reaction to different situations on an intellectual, social and behavioural level. Transmit, a collaboration with multimediaContinue reading “Transmit”