Life Begins at Land’s End

Life Begins at Land’s End is a performance exploring issues of fertility, birth and life rituals, by Emilia Telese, for Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Rebirth Day program of events which started on 21 December 2012.

Pregnant women walking on Cornwall’s Land’s End to form a Third Paradise symbol by joining together, to celebrate a new beginning in their life. The symbology of the performance meets the meaning of the place in the name of change.

Emilia Telese chose Land’s End not only because of the symbology generated by its name, but also because of the many associations between Cornwall and rituality, and the resonance of locations in Cornwall such as Men An Tol stone circle, used for fertility rites in the Bronze Age. Life Begins at Land’s End explores the role of women, fertility and childbirth in society and above all the very start of life, the gestation and birth of a human being.


filmed and edited by Rebecca E Marshall

artist and producer Emilia Telese

artist assistant Martha Mosse

site coordinator Claire English

music Rebecca E Marshall

singer Bea Hankey

With thanks to The Wonderful mothers of Land’s End. All the staff at Unidee – Fondazione Pistoletto – Biella and Porthcurno Museum.