Rice Pavilion

Brighton Pavilion was rebuilt out of 10 tons of rice by an international artists’ group in a monumental attempt to raise awareness about worldwide use of food resources.

Chris Biddlecombe, Guyan Porter and Emilia Telese, at the head of the UK based Edible Construction Company, in collaboration with Italian artist and designer Edoardo Malagigi, created the Rice Pavilion inside the award winning Brighton Jubilee Library, in a public art intervention that took place throughout August.

The five metre (16.4 ft) tall Rice Pavilion, complete with onion-shaped domes, was built over fourteen days with a team of volunteers, in full view of the public. The completed Pavilion was shown for eight days (11th August – 18th August 2007) inside the library, and then dismantled and distributed with the UK charity Feed the Children.