Dark Symphony

Dark Symphony 4×12 hour performances

— If you want to see, first you must hear.

A rare and unique opportunity to hear four Koan music engines in “the ecstasy of communication.” – Jean Baudrillard

  • Music engine 1 representing Noise
  • Music engine 2 representing Voice
  • Music engine 3 representing Rhythm
  • Music engine 4 representing Tonality

Transmitted via 4 towers at the “Klangpark”, an open-air acoustic projection space in Linz.

Each tower will be assigned a simultaneous signal. The distance between the towers:

  • 2 towers near the Brucknerhaus: 60 meters
  • 2 towers near the River Danube: 80 meters
  • Distance between the Brucknerhaus and the river: 120 meters

“Music is in advance, because music reaches the limits of any given code before the rest of society does. You can create different possible musics within a given code much more rapidly than you can explore the possible ways of organising realities. Matter is more difficult to transform.”  – Jacques Attali