Transmit in Russia – First performed at The 3rd Festival of Experimental and Performance Art in St Petersbourg, Russia.

Transmit in Germany

Also featured at the CYNETart 2001 International Festival for Computer Assisted Art in Dresden, Germany.

Artistic intervention in sensory experience; human reaction to different situations on an intellectual, social and behavioural level. Transmit, a collaboration with multimedia group Liquidstatic , investigates these issues. By wearing one of ten peripheral optical devices connected to the main one worn by Telese, participants can experience a temporary change in their brainwave frequencies, believed to affect states of mind. Through optical pulsations, and the amplification of brain activity sounds, the device synchronises brainwave patterns.

The Transmit costume was made by Vivienne Westwood designer, Daniela Corcio, recalling 18th Century waxworks held at the anatomical museum in Florence. The whole installation examines the fluctuating conscious mind and the effect of synchronising its architecture within a group situation.

The Transmit Project

Adrian Shepherd, Malcom B. Dick and Emilia Telese.
Costume Design by Daniela Corcio.